UNASCOS is a membership organization so everything we do, we do for the benefit of our members. Through our Crowd Sourcing Platform and Crowd Venturing Platform, UNASCOS brings unwavering commitment to deliver a range of great value, high quality products and services that members can trust and depend upon. Our members can rely on UNASCOS to give them the security and peace of mind they expect.
UNASCOS is set up to offer professional, personal development and education program to people, of all walks of life, interested in acquiring and improving their entrepreneurial and finance knowledge, skill, and actions.

UNASCOS’s mission is to empower anyone interested in becoming his/her skills as an entrepreneur and investor. Through entrepreneurial and finance education, training and coaching we aim to help individuals achieve their dreams and goals as well as contribute to the enrichment of the lives of people everywhere.

UNASCOS served as a crowd sourcing and a crowd venturing platform, to gather all the finance education and advisory talent to provide coaching and education for entrepreneur to master their knowledge.

How to participate?

  • Every individual that want to take the education program can join as UNASCOS membership.
  • By becoming a part of UNASCOS member, you may enjoy the benefit of accessing unlimited hours of education and advisory services in entrepreneurship, finance, and investment.
  • UNASCOS member can get the latest and trending insider news about the latest investment project in the market as well as get advice from top financial advisor.
  • Member may also entitle of privileges lifestyle packages and discounts that offer from the platform.


UNASCOS vision is to create as many successful entrepreneur and investor as possible in the next 5 years.


To teach the art of achieving success through leadership and entrepreneurship.