1st Oct – 3rd Oct 2015 UTRAINING Stock Course In Malaysia.

“Lyn Summers, a licensed financial advisor from Australia, delivered the first UTRAINING Stock Course in Malaysia. The three day course had a diverse audience, with participants from 10 countries. The UTRAINING Stock Course included risk management, a live trading session, as well as information about Options Trading, Pre-IPO’s and shares. Furthermore, the course covered the benefits of the UNASCOS UMC Training Platform found within UNITRADE, and showed the people present how this relates to real life trading.

After the course was completed, the attendees found that UNASCOS provides the right training and tools for it’s members to take advantage of investment opportunities. Several members have now already diversified and got involved in Options Trading and are more confident to take on other opportunities such as investing in Pre-IPO’s or Shares, which will be available to them via licensed financial brokers.”

UNASCOS News - Oct 2015

18th October 2015 – UNASCOS & HONG KONG ORV Joint Venture Signing Ceremony
1st Oct – 3rd Oct 2015 UTRAINING Stock Course In Malaysia.

UNASCOS News - Sep 2015

6th September 2015 – 1st UNASCOS LEADERSHIP TRAINING