18th October 2015 – UNASCOS & HONG KONG ORV Joint Venture Signing Ceremony

This event witness by hundreds of UNASCOS members and ORV members during the signing ceremony. HK ORV is a private independent company, contracted in 2012 with Environmental Protection and in 2014 incorporated in Hong Kong. Inspired from China as their environment protection and supported by Government China and brought the concept to Hong Kong where the country itself have more concept and vigilance in environmental protection. HK ORV is more into solid garbage disposal, air purification and water treatment equipment.

Environmental protection is good for social, personal and for future undertaking. To able to give back to society and preserve the environment. Technology and science itself imported from Europe, Russia, Finland and Canada plus the China Elite and China equipment. ORV will combine all the technology from Europe together with China equipment technology. UNASCOS will build factories in China, after the completion of factories, septic equipment and garbage disposal will be their next project. Their vision is to make trash into energy and become some material to do experiment. Their target to merchant it to China, Asia Pacific and even in the European market. Their mission is let people know the patent of selling points strengths and how it benefits to society.

UNASCOS News - Oct 2015

18th October 2015 – UNASCOS & HONG KONG ORV Joint Venture Signing Ceremony
1st Oct – 3rd Oct 2015 UTRAINING Stock Course In Malaysia.

UNASCOS News - Sep 2015

6th September 2015 – 1st UNASCOS LEADERSHIP TRAINING