UNASCOS is a membership organization so everything we do, we do for the benefit of our members. This begins with UNASCOS’s unwavering commitment to deliver a range of great value, high quality products and services that members can trust and depend upon. In whatever situation they find themselves, our members can rely on UNASCOS to give them the security and peace of mind they expect.

As one of the most flexible Membership Clubs available, UNASCOS members have different levels of membership to choose from; each with a designated number of Advance Benefits and Rewards—offering a truly flexible and customized approach to membership.

Whatever the reason, UNASCOS is ultimately here to maximize and give the best benefits with family and friends and accommodate your active lifestyle.

When you purchase one of the following UNASCOS Membership Exclusive Package you automatically qualify for UNASCOS Club membership.


Your status as a member of UNASCOS Membership Club exemplifies your importance to us, and gives you assurance that you will always be treated as a prestigious member of UNASCOS.

Through your membership you will enjoy a well thought out range of privileges and benefits designed to make your membership extra special. UNASCOS Membership Club is just another way we want to say Thank You for making us your preferred Club. When you sign up for the membership you will be entering our exclusive circle through the different level of membership:

Join one of the membership:

With these memberships you will become entitled to the following benefits:

  • Unlimited utilization of education online and offline program.
  • Lifestyle Membership privileges and discounts.
  • Member Exclusive priority on utilization of points to purchase valued appreciated products and services through our crowd sourcing and venturing platform. Members can share and bring their ideas or project within platform.